Four Benefits of Building an Annex

Australia is one of the countries where there is a lot of paperwork and legal advice to fulfil before you can construct a building at your place. If you do not comply with the rules, you will face legal charges and your building may end up being demolished.

However, these rules are less applicable when it comes to building annexes. Thus, if you are in urgent need of an extra living space without facing a lot of legal involvements, then you need to build an annex by a suitable side of your home.

An annex can be of assistance to you in the following ways.

Advantages of having an annex

  • Keep your relatives close

A family will only start with two people who will multiply and feel it, then a time comes when everyone wants to have their privacy although wanting to stick close to their family. This can be a real thing especially when those relatives are your parents who need special care due to their age. Rather than building houses that would take a lot of time, you can as well decide to buy for them an annex and install it by your side so that you can keep a close eye on them. The annex can come fully equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom to make it independent.

  • Get extra income

In Australia, the government introduced a “rent a room scheme” that allows you to rent out one room in your home to another person, even a total stranger, then you will receive around $ 8,000 which is tax-free every year. This means that you will get approximately $670 monthly income for a room. However, it is not easy to share your living space with someone else especially a stranger, hence you can install an annex at your home to use for this scheme while you still enjoy the privacy of your home. There will be no reason for the stranger to constantly knock on your door because an annex comes fully equipped with all the house essentials.

  • Downsizing

Living in a larger home has its own set of challenges. For instance, you will have to pay huge bills for energy consumption. You can also decide to downsize when your relatives move out and you are the only one left in the large home. Staying in such a home will only bring you memories that could lead to stress. As a result, you may want to move into an annex to change your environment and get peace of mind.

  • Business opportunities

Lastly, an annex can open up more business opportunities for you and earn you an extra income. You can provide an annex as a resting area for visitors who are on a long journey, and they pay you a token for staying on your property.

Tips on buying an annex

If you want to purchase an annex, you should first look at the following tips:

Price – you should quickly do market research on the prices of different types of the annex to help you prepare your budget. You should visit the market only when your budget agrees with the price of the annex.

Type and size – you have to decide on which type of annex will be perfect in your home depending on what you are going to use it for. Also, the size of the annex you buy will depend on the size of space and amenities you need inside the annex.

The next thing to think about is where to buy annexes. Just search on the Internet so that you can locate the supplier nearest you.


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