Five Best Qualities of Award-Winning Architects

When you travel around the world, you will come to appreciate some of the astonishing work that is being done by some architects. They have defied all the odds to come up with buildings where we thought were impossible. Some building designs are just out of this world. In Sydney, such buildings exist and there are also plenty of architects with unique building creativity and innovation that are worth mentioning.

Every excellent, or award-winning, architect possesses certain qualities that are not common to all architects. The following are some of the most common traits of award-winning architects.

Traits of award-winning architects

  • Creative

It goes without a say that an award-winning architect has to be highly creative for them to be considered the best of the best. Creativity involves designing buildings that have never been developed before by anyone, meaning that the architect has to be a good visionary and have critical thinking capabilities.

  • Extensive knowledge

An architect needs to be as highly informed in building matters as possible. After all, you cannot build something special if you are not aware of the already existing buildings. For this reason, the architects need to gather architecture information as much as possible, be it from the internet, journals, magazines, or books. Once the architect has extensive knowledge in building and construction, he will now know where the world is currently and where it is headed.

  • Excellent communication skills

Award-winning architects usually have excellent verbal and non-verbal cues that enhance communication. They know how to interact with clients in a clear and precise manner in a language that both parties understand. Most building projects fail because of poor communication and misunderstanding between the parties that are involved. Furthermore, communication skills also involve written communication. There is a lot of paperwork that is involved in building and construction projects and most of them are drafted by the architects.

  • Experience

It is also non-negotiable that an award-winning architect needs to be highly experienced in the field. Even with natural talent, you cannot just find yourself making the best building designs without a record of experience. Although most designs are inspired by the architect’s talent, it takes a couple of years to train and practise on how to come up with eye-catching buildings. Luckily, there are several training centres where one can learn how to perfect their architectural designs.

  • Long working hours

An award-winning architect should have the stamina to withstand a long working duration since designing and constructing a good building takes a lot of time. The architect may also be needed to supervise the project and they have to stand for long hours while giving orders to the employees on what to do.

The above tips should help you in your quest to find an excellent architect for your building project.

Benefits of hiring an award-winning architect

The following are some of the advantages of hiring an award-winning architect, like the The Quinlan Group, for your building project:

Quality building – if you hire an award-winning architect for your building project you are assured of excellent building quality because they know the best resources to use in building and construction.

Unique building – even if you have no idea the kind of building to construct, an award-winning architect can note down your requirements and come up with an exceptional design that will suit your needs, while making it as unique as possible from the rest of your neighbourhood.


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