4 ways to prep your house before painting the walls

Wall painting can be an extreme sport. But it comes with a feeling of satisfaction when the smell of paint tickles the nose and the sweet colors reflect the eyes in a soothing manner. Choosing that specific color that is warm enough is a great task for someone who is as indecisive as I am. But the real struggle comes after that. When you have to prep the wall. Prepping a wall can be easily done if you know what to do and how to do it. Experts from house painting perth are here to help you ease your way into this.

Remove all hardware

The first step is to remove all the hardware from the walls that need to be painted. Any hardware that can become an obstruction during the painting should be removed. This could include plug covers, art paintings, curtains, wall clocks, hampers, hanging showpieces and such. You could also paint over switchboards and wall brackets but it’s better to remove them because if you ever think of removing them, you will be left with a gaping hole of different color than the painted walls.

Prevent paint splashes

The thing about wall painting is that it could get messy real fast and then there is little you can do to overcome those splashes. To prevent these splashes altogether, you must cover the corners of the walls and the borders of the ceilings with painting tape. It is a tape that can be removed after painting and it leaves you with a clear margin for the paint. Moreover, you should always cover your furniture and the floor with sheets that can prevent the splashes from making a mess on your belongings.

Fix the holes and flaws

You cannot paint your walls without inspecting it first. You should always check the walls for cracks, holes and any other imperfection that might ruin the look of the walls after painting. Take cement or use plaster to cover up these holes and even them out using a putty knife.If you have any windows or doors on the walls, make sure that you apply plaster on their borders because they tend to lose their shape over time.

Washing the walls

The most primary thing before wall painting is to clean them. You can simply wash the walls with water if you must but mixing it with a liquid detergent can do wonders in cleaning. If there are oil stains or stubborn patches on the wall, the laundry detergent could really help clean them. If there is a layer of old paint, it is better to scrape it off because it gives a much better color than when painting over it. Give it a final wash at the end of the cleaning so that you can apply primer and then paint.

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